For educational institutions

Focus on the essential

For Educational Institutions

Analogue teaching aids such as blackboard and chalk as well as books are still an essential part of knowledge transfer.

In modern didactics, however, these are increasingly supplemented by digital and interactive media in the sense of a holistic learning environment.

Nevertheless, educational institutions often shy away from converting to interactive displays, despite subsidies. High training requirements of the users, an operation that is not really intuitive and often hygienic reasons were understandable hurdles so far.

Since the days of the overhead projector, Kindermann has been a reliable partner for educational institutions and still stands for high-quality audiovisual technology today.

To make the transition to a digital learning environment as easy as possible, Kindermann’s touch display series offers an antibacterial surface and the latest technology, as well as simple, intuitive and user-centred operation.

This allows every teacher to concentrate on what is important – the transfer of knowledge in the classroom.

The touch display is available in several sizes:

55“ 65“ 75“ 86“

Whether in companies or in the educational sector, touch displays are in vogue. The Kindermann brand stands for high-quality and innovative products in the field of presentation and media technology and presents its own touch display series in the sizes 55, 65, 75 and 86 inches. They convince with a modern design, intuitive operation and the latest, future-oriented technology.


Intuitive user interface

UHD/4K resolution

20 touchpoints

Object recognition

Ambient Light Sensor &
Low Bluelight function

OPS slot

Connections and operation
conveniently on the front

Android 8 integrated

Antibacterially coated
front glass

The front glass of Kindermann touchscreens is not only resistant and low-reflection, but also has an antibacterial coating that effectively kills bacteria!



Software Features

Kindermann Whiteboard App

The app running on the SoC of the touch panel allows user making notes, drawing sketches like on a real whiteboard just by using the tip of fi nger, without connecting any external PC.
There are various background images and lines to choose from. If required, individually background images can be uploaded.
Of course the so created content can be saved and shared.

Annotation Funktion

The annotation function can be activated via sidebar. This allows user to annotate on any image displays, whatever source is currently selected.

Preinstalled apps

  • Chromium – web browser
  • WPS Office – to view and edit Word-, Excel- and PowerPoint-Files
  • Open Camera – to connect and display cameras or Visualizers
  • Eshare – BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)-solution for the wireless presentation of content
  • Adobe Reader – to view PDF files
  • File manager – with integrated photo, video and audio player
  • Newpipe – High performance Youtube Player
  • Photo gallery
  • Open Street Map – free world map with geographical data

Intuitive user interface

The user interface was developed by Kindermann and is absolutely self-explanatory. Clearly arranged icons with clear names and easy to find setting options ensure that familiarisation or training with the technology is unnecessary.